cartera y tote tiny/mini

The TINY/MINI handbags have become fashionable in these last years and are characterized precisely for their ultra compact design with its long strap that makes it look like a small shoulder bag.

A transformation that has from the XL size to the mini version, it’s generally finished in leather, patterns or accessories. This is the perfect purse for your formal appointments; either a business meeting, after work or the final party look.

This purse model has very little capacity, but they are eye-catching and special. We are not going to lie, their practical use is almost inexistent, you don’t have space for your cell phone, only for a couple of coins, but it’s originality has caught the imagination in many women for this type of purse that has flooded with its street style the most important fashion cities like Paris and Milan.

Each ubagger is handmade in Spain by the best artisans, taking care of each detail, the materials and the old-fashioned stitching.

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