Etiquetado pieza exterior

Handbag ubagger tag

On the handbag, sewed on the inside, there is  a grey tag, which indicates the size of the bag so you can know which size on insert (INNER) is compatible. Also, in the shoulder strap you can find the handbag model to easily adapt the correct insert (INNER) to the same.

Insert (INNER) ubagger tag

Regarding the insert (INNER) you can see on the inside, just below the zipper, a grey tag with the INNER size so you can know which handbag size is compatible. In this case, the shoulder strap that comes with the same, also indicates the model or models to which this insert (INNER) itis compatible with.

Detalle interior
let’s see a compatibility example between a handbag and an insert.
etiquetado universal

UNIVERSAL Insert (INNER) ubagger tag

The universal tag can only be found in the UNIVERSAL INNER, placed also just below the inner zipper, with the particularity that it is compatible with the handbags of the same size, that is why the grey tag has the “fit to ALL SMALL sizes” legend, which means that it is “compatible with ALL SMALL sizes”. The accompanying shoulder strap also indicates the size of the corresponding insert (INNER).