Shopper Man


The SHOPPER MAN stands out for being not too big and comfortable since it has a long strap that leaves our hands free, since we can carry it over the shoulder…

And since they are not too big we can also remove the strap and wear it like a handbag.

That is to say, when we talk about Shopper Man we could say that we are talking about a type of handbag that we could also call a “shoulder bag”.


Mainly, by its rectangular shape, its only large pocket or several outside and inside smaller pockets, by its simplicity and its practicality. Regarding the closure, it is common to find it with a zipper or a magnetized snap.

Our model has two parts, the handbag and an insert, joined by a snap system, being the insert the one that allows to put the handbag together, thanks to a type of foam filling, which can be removed and placed in any handbag compatible with its size and shape.


  • The insert has compartments inside with:
  • A pocket with a zipper and next to this another one for your cell phone.
  • On the opposite side and bigger, a pocket with a with a central stitching converting it in two pockets.
  • On one of its inner sides a leather belt loop of easy access to place the ubagger retractable keyring.

Each ubagger is handmade in Spain by the best artisans, taking care of each detail, the materials and the old-fashioned stitching.

Handbag models compatible with the insert of this article

Interior del ubagger Shopper Man

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